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Our assortment of pet bicycle baskets includes various patented, roadworthy mounting systems. All baskets are available with or without mounting system. Most of our baskets come with a safety wire dome and all of them are equipped with washable padding. Further information in our catalogue.

Mounting Systems

Attachable to the frame, handlebar or luggage carrier – we offer mountings systems for every purpose. Partly suitable for electric bicycles.

Available mounting kits: Frame No. 00163 / Seat Tube No. 00161 / Head Tube/Head Set No. 00166 / Handlebar No. 00175 / Luggage Rack + Klickfix and Korbfix Systems

Quickly Assembled & Animal-Friendly

Our ambition is to ensure a safe and simple installation in only a few easy steps. Due to their plastic protection spacers, the robust steel brackets of our head tube system do not impair the bicycle frame.

Every Basket Is a Unique Piece

All our baskets are exclusively handmade. The detachable safety wire dome is equipped with leather straps and can be individually fastened.

We will be pleased to give you further information about our baskets and mounting systems.

Various Systems & Baskets

Pet Bicycle Basket Sloped
Seat Tube Mounting

Pet Bicycle Basket
Seat Tube Mounting

Pet Bicycle Basket
Seat Tube Mounting

Pet Bicycle Basket Marsala
Luggage Carrier Mounting