Made from Natural Willow

We offer handwoven willow-baskets for plants, harvesting, shopping or firewood, available in various designs and sizes.

Firewood Baskets

Our sturdy firewood baskets are hand-woven and available in different sizes. A jute-inlay keeps the floor clean. We are permanently expanding our product range, i.e. by our wooden basket-trolley with 2 castors and a big pull handle.

Plant Baskets

Additional to our classic brown willow plant baskets, we provide attractive varieties, i.e. a rough weave in white-washed design or products made from pieces of bark.

All plant baskets are foil-lined.

Harvesting Baskets

Our product range is completed by a selection of harvesting baskets with slings, mushroom collectors and classic shopping baskets.

All these baskets are hand-woven and made from willow.

Baskets for Plants, Wood & Co

Two-Toned Willow Shopping Basket

Planting Basket Set with Jute

White Splint Planting Basket with Foil

Firewood Basket with Jute