Pet Product Range

This category is divided into our broad range of cat toy cushions, textile products for dogs and cats and classic willow products.

The Best for Your Pet

Our pet product range is constantly changing. We are always looking for great materials and fabrics, and continuously improving ingredients and designs. It is our intention to provide a varied assortment for every taste and for all purposes.

You can find the current product range in the catalogues and brochures at the Service download-area.

Product Variety for Your Favourites

Carrier Basket Oval

Rattan-Catball with Toy Cushion

Cuddly Bed

Cat Litter Basket

Special Seasonal Articles

There is an increasing demand for seasonal articles, particularly in cat toy cushions. To meet these wishes, we have created special Christmas toy cushions. Made of plushy fabrics with embroidered winter and Christmas themes, shaped like Santa Claus or Christmas trees and filled with our approved natural ingredients, they will enchant every cat.