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Who we are!

I’m Anne and I write the blog entries. I trained as a medical assistant and worked in nursing for a long time. We had a family cat, our Minka, for 20 years. Even back then I had lots of questions about my pet.

When I was a child, computers and the internet were not yet part of my life, that only came later. By the time we had our BKH longhair called Chiara, I was able to look things up online if I wanted to know something about my pet.

Now you’re probably saying that there are already plenty of blogs like this … that’s true! But we will still try to offer you lots of interesting topics and also new insights and background information from the perspective of the producers of cat toys & Co.
Let us surprise you.

Your Anne

Who’s the boss here?

Hello, I’m Markus and I’m the managing director of Aumüller GmbH & Co KG.

I have been running our family business for more than twenty years now and it gives me great pleasure every day to work in such an emotional field as the pet industry.

It really motivates me and my team to design the best possible toys, beds, cushions and wicker products for our dearest friends – our pets.

As there have always been pets in my family, mostly dogs, I personally feel very lucky to be able to work creatively in this wonderful field. Oh yes, we’re currently looking for an animal housemate again… Whether it’s a cat or a dog remains to be seen. We haven’t quite reached an agreement in the family yet. But I’ll keep you up to date on this.

See you soon