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Lounger and cuddly cushion

Whether for dogs or cats – our cuddly cushions made of high-quality fabrics are available in various sizes and with two fillings. The classic cushion is filled with soft, dimensionally stable padding made from compact, environmentally friendly recycled polyester fleece.

The spelt cushions are filled with ecological spelt husk in mill quality. The spelt filling provides a healthy place to sleep, ideal for older animals and animals with joint problems. The joints are relieved and the muscles are relaxed.

Animal storage and living furniture made of willow

Each of our baskets is hand-woven and ecologically produced and therefore unique. Our willows are grown according to ecological criteria without the use of artificial fertilizers or chemical poisons. A basket to feel good and relax…

Cat caves

Elaborately handcrafted, each basket is unique. The cat caves are perfect companions when traveling or for transport to the vet. The lattice and straps are completely removable, making it a cuddly cave and an ideal retreat.


Cozy sleeping areas in trendy designs in top quality, with reversible cushions. All sofas are filled with high-quality polyester fleece.

Star cushion

The cuddly star cushion is popular with dogs and cats. The beautiful and unique star shape creates a so-called nesting effect. It conveys a sense of security and immediately becomes a favorite resting place.

Heat pad

Cats love warmth! With separate inner cushion, filled with spelt kernels from German cultivation. By heating the inner cushion in the microwave or oven, you can create a cozy, warm resting place for your cat in no time at all. Spelt kernels store heat for a long time and snuggle up perfectly. The warm spelt helps to relax the muscles, especially in older animals and those with joint problems. Also suitable for small dogs.