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Bicycle pet baskets

Safe on the road with our bicycle pet baskets. The range includes various patented and roadworthy mounting systems. All baskets are available with or without a holder system. Most of our baskets are equipped with a safety wire dome and always with a washable insert. All baskets are made entirely by hand.

All dimensions and product information here in the catalog.

Holder system 167.3

The headset mounting system especially for e-bikes with frame thicknesses of 38 – 52 mm

Holder system 163

The frame mounting system for the rear with frame diameters from 25 – 35 mm

Holder system 164

The seat tube system for seat posts with diameter 30 mm

Holder system 144

The luggage rack mounting system

Holder system 199

The Aumüller basket fix system for luggage rack mounting.

Holder system 175

The mounting system for handlebar mounting.

Holder systems 188/189

The Klickfix system for handlebar mounting is available in two versions - for straight handlebars 188 and for strongly curved handlebars or those requiring a lot of space 189.

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