Natural, safe, regional – for over 70 years


Innovative & original

Our diverse range of cat play cushions impresses our customers. New product ideas and trend themes are lovingly designed and implemented to a high standard.

Safe & Fair

When manufacturing our products, we attach great importance to the best possible quality, high-quality processing and tested fillers.

Tradition & Family

Our family-run company has been based in Michelau, Bavaria, for over 70 years. A responsible approach to customers and producers is our top priority.


The important issues of sustainability and energy efficiency are close to our hearts. For example, we use European willow, a purely natural product and a naturally renewable raw material, for our wickerwork products.

After many years of experience with the production of cat play cushions, I can say that it is always exciting to see which product will become the next favorite of our animal customers. Whether it’s catnip, valerian or Silver Vine – the cushions, which are freshly filled every day, ensure many satisfied cats in every variation.

Markus Aumüller

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