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Cat play cushion

Our products are made with great care from the best raw materials such as valerian root or catnip and the best controlled German spelt husk. The intense scent of valerian magically attracts cats and encourages them to play. As the scent of valerian is very intense, we have added lavender and aniseed to our Welli products for a subtle, pleasant scent. We also offer Silver Vine, which is popular in Asia, in cat play cushions and in the dental range.

Dental care & fun

This makes dental care fun: the toys in the dental range are high-quality natural products, made from pure Silver Vine or supplemented with catnip, sisal or raffia.

Silver Vine is considered the most effective of all cat herbs in Asia, as it contains a whole arsenal of substances that have an attractive effect on cats. The herbal scent of Silver Vine is pleasant and subtle. The toys encourage cats to bite and nibble at them. This can promote tooth abrasion and dental care.

Theme editions

Our diverse range also includes special seasonal editions. In addition to the classic Christmas play cushions, we also have lovingly designed play cushions for Easter, Oktoberfest and Halloween. Filled with our tried and tested natural ingredients.

Fidget cat play cushion

Endless playtime fun with our fidget fish made of cuddly soft plush! The photorealistic replicas awaken the natural hunting instinct and keep them busy. This is important for health and well-being, especially for pure domestic cats.

With motion sensor and integrated rechargeable battery with USB connection. Click here for the video (Youtube).

Recycled cushions

Becoming a little greener bit by bit. Our sustainable cat play cushions made from Ökotex-certified fabrics made from cotton and recycled polyester bring us closer to our goal. The reuse of raw materials means that less CO2 is produced during manufacture than with conventional fabrics.

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